What has been consistent over the past few days is that there are regular times when I feel both a keen sense of God’s presence and a joy in being able to speak with Him, even if I’m only speaking to Him about how great the weather is or asking for a safe trip home from work, or thanking Him for the fact that I can speak with Him.  Especially during those times, ceaseless prayer becomes easy rather than difficult.  I’ve read of people for whom praying became as natural as breathing, and during those times, I can begin to understand what that might be like.

Of course, eventually I get distracted.  Much of the work that I do is cerebral: planning, organizing, brainstorming, that kind of thing.  It’s hard to bring God into my brainstorming about, for instance, our upcoming Resurrection Sunday services, ironic as that may sound.  Even though the service is all about God, planning a service for Him is different than talking to Him, at least for me, at least at this point.  And yet, I’ve also read about people who have learned to do this, to plan or converse and still be directing thoughts toward God at the same time.  I’m not there yet.

One last about yesterday: I had to have one of those uncomfortable conversations in which you have to hold someone accountable, someone who is a volunteer and who isn’t getting paid to do what they’re doing.  Because I hate for people to feel bad, I tend to avoid confrontation unless it’s absolutely necessary, and this was one of those times, but this time I had more strength, courage, and peace to say what needed to be said, though I still felt bad for the person.  In the end, everything worked out fine.