If you think very long at all about the idea of continuous prayer, chances are good that you’ll arrive at a seemingly innocuous question: “Won’t I run out of things to say?” It’s a question I’ve asked before.  Here in my fifth week of this experiment, I’ve realized that this question comes from a small view of God.

What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us…Worship is pure or base as the worshiper entertains high or low thoughts of God.

A.W. Tozer

Our idea about who God is affects our prayers, and a small view of God will result in a diminished prayer life.  Usually, we shrink God down because we become focused on our own little worlds, and we define everything, including God, within that context.  God only matters as much as He can make improvements in that world, and so we only talk to Him when we need Him to do something for us, or we thank Him when we recognize that He has done something for us.

Or maybe we’ll think “God is big (using our definition of “big”) and so He only cares about “big” stuff.  We think that we can only talk to Him about things that seem big to us, and that He’ll be annoyed when we bother Him with small, petty concerns.

Either way, since our worlds are small, we’ll eventually run out of things that matter enough to talk about, and we’ll stop praying.

But here’s the deal:

All of my stuff is small compared to God.

My world is very small, and God is very, very big.

God is so big that He is infinite, and that means that He transcends any thoughts I can have about bigness or smallness  The biggest, most insurmountable concerns in my world are nothing compared to the infinite power and competence of God.

So in light of that, asking God to help you find your sunglasses is no smaller than asking God to cure you of cancer.  You really can take God up on His offer to listen to all of your concerns, because He cares for you.

As your view of God grows, something else, something even better, more joyful, more exciting, will happen: You’ll see that there’s nothing more worth talking to God about than God Himself.  When you talk to God about God, then you’re beginning to talk about really big things.

So while I have sent up many prayers asking God to help me with biggish (in my definition) things, I find myself constantly talking, thinking to God about my own thoughts about the small goings-on in my world too.  When I’m not talking about those things, I find myself talking to God about Himself.  I’m floored, thrilled, that this God – This God – invites me to talk to Him at all, and I can’t imagine running out of things to talk to Him about, because although I am really, really small, God is really, really big.

Do you feel that God doesn’t really want to be bothered by the “small stuff” in your life?
What do you find yourself talking to God about?

What does your prayer life show that you believe about God?