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I’m participating in something called 31 Days To Better Blogging, and today’s assignment is to write a list post.  With graduation in the air, the end of week six seems a good place to stop and revisit what I’ve learned so far.

  1. Prayer is mood altering. I discovered very quickly, on day one, and then again just yesterday, that prayer – or rather having our attention on the One to whom we pray – puts things in perspective.  God is unspeakably amazing, and that changes everything.
  2. Through prayer, God really does grant strength and discernment to do what you need to do. James 1:5 says that “if any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault.”  Guess what – it’s true! (Who knew??) More than that, when you’re doing something you need to do, and you know it’s the right thing, there’s strength to do it.  I saw this in action on Day 3.
  3. Constant prayer increases the awareness of the fact that God is with me. I’ve seen this time after time.  God is here, everywhere, available for us to speak to Him, and I have felt it nearly as tangibly as a hand on my shoulder.
  4. You will be altered by being exposed to God. One of the big motivations for beginning this in the first place was that I was aware of attitudes within me that needed to change, and that I couldn’t change them on my own.  Things are changing.  I’m finding new attitudes slowly replacing old, dead, selfish attitudes.  Week 3, Week 4
  5. God is intimately involved in all of life. God isn’t so big that He’s annoyed by our small stuff.  He’s so big that our HUGE issues are tiny compared to Him.  He transcends all of it, and yet desires to be involved in all of it.
  6. Regular, conversational prayer is no substitute for times of focused prayer. Constant prayer doesn’t give us an excuse to be so busy that we never take the time to drop everything and pay attention only to God.  In fact, not doing so can diminish our perspective of who God is.

There will be other lists to come, I’m sure.  This is a lifelong process of growth, and there will always be more to learn.

What about you?  What are some things you have learned about prayer through your experiences?