[tweetmeme source=”ChrisBranscome” only_single=false https://prayerexperiment.wordpress.com/2010/08/11/being-transparent/%5DSome of you participated in 31 Days to Better Blogging earlier this summer, and one of the things we learned is that you have to keep it up. Lapses in blogging can be costly to you as a blogger. Obviously, I have not done a good job of following this blogging truth. But more damaging, and more important, is the fact that this lapse in blogging has been accompanied by a lapse in prayer, which is what this blog is all about.

As I was participating in the 31 Days program, some of you heard me complaining about how busy I became toward the end. This period of heightened busyness is what I allowed to derail my blogging here, as well as my prayer, and especially where prayer is concerned, something is wrong when busyness trumps prayer.

I said in What is The Experiment that my goal is to train myself to pray, or to direct my attention to God at least once every minute, and the reason that I decided to do this in such a public way by blogging about it is that I hoped to encourage others to take up the same challenge, and to see through my example what that might look like, as well as what difficulties might arise.

It’s a little embarrassing to mess up in such a public way, but in the spirit of transparency, I have to admit what may seem pretty obvious: I’ve messed up. I have not followed through with prayer. I have become extremely busy, which has worn me out mentally, emotionally, even physically, and because of this fatigue, I’ve allowed myself to be undisciplined about prayer.

Martin Luther is credited for saying “I have so much to do that I will have to pray for three hours instead of one.” (My paraphrase) I have a long way to go before I am to have that level of discipline about my prayers. Some of you have expressed that you found my endeavor inspiring, and perhaps this lapse will knock me off of any pedestals I was on, small though they may be – I don’t belong up there anyway.

As I have stated before: Prayer is sometimes very difficult, and sometimes it is only out of sheer discipline that one keeps praying. I know this now more than ever.

It is my hope to start all over again. I make no promises to you or to myself. It is only by the Grace of God that I am drawn to Him at all, and that I call to Him, however feebly.