Today will be the final post in this series covering Jesus’ prayer habits.  The series began by pointing out that prayer really is something that we can learn more about, become more practiced at, and make improvements on.  For learning about prayer, we need to learn from a teacher, and there is none better than Jesus.  While Jesus sometimes spoke about prayer, He teaches us other things about prayer through His own prayer habits, which we should seek to emulate.  The three habits I’ve covered so far are:

1) He prayed regularly and often.

2) Jesus found it important to find places where He could be alone to pray.

3) There were times when prayer was more important than meeting the needs and wants of people.

Today, I’ll be talking about a fourth prayer habit, and I’ve saved the most profound, the most mind-bending and revolutionary habit for last, so brace yourself.  Are you ready?  Really?  Here it comes….

Jesus prayed.

I know. You’re right, that is good. Let me say it again.

Jesus.    Prayed.

Have you really thought about that, and Who this is that we’re talking about, and how strange it might seem at first that He prayed at all? This is Jesus. The One who said things like “I and the Father are one,” and “Before Abraham was, I AM,” and who Paul referred to by saying “All things were created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” Jesus is God, and yet He prayed.

Of course Jesus was (and is) also fully human. He imposed Himself with human limitations. He got tired, hungry, worn out, anxious, and even though He was (and is) the perfect union of God and Man, fully human and fully God all at once, He still had to pray.

So think about that again: Jesus prayed. A lot. Jesus found it necessary to go somewhere where He could be alone to pray – often – somewhere where He could shut out the noise of the crowds and the other demands of life on Earth, and it wasn’t because he had ADD or was uptight and couldn’t handle distractions. Jesus sometimes left good things undone in order to pray. Jesus found this necessary. His earthly life and ministry were saturated in prayer, even though He was (and is) God.

So you’ve probably already seen the obvious question. If Jesus Himself found it necessary to saturate His life with prayer, how much more do we, who are imperfectly – for now – united with God, need prayer?

Since you’ve undoubtedly heard how important prayer is before, do you grasp how imperative prayer really is?

Have you ever thought about the fact that Jesus prayed in light of who He is, and what that says about the necessity of prayer?

If someone else could watch your prayer habits, how important would they say prayer is to you?