I considered calling this page “What I Believe,” but that’s too imprecise to contain the set of statements to which that title pertains.  I realize that referring to my beliefs as The Truth may be offensive to some, and I intend no offense.  If you are bothered by this, you may want to skip to the second half of this page to read my defense of this choice of words.

  • There is one God, who created all things.
  • We humans were made to be like Him and to live in perfect relationship with Him, first and foremost, but also in perfect relationship with each other and the rest of Creation.
  • We rebelled against God, thus separating ourselves from God, who is our source of life, guidance, wisdom, love, and sustenance.  We also became estranged from each other and Creation.
  • Since we were placed at the head of Creation, when we fell, all of Creation fell with us, and became broken.
  • We became “objects of God’s eternal wrath.”
  • Because God is a God of perfect Love, and because we had no way to restore our relationship with God on our own power, God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to live as a perfect Human, which we could not do, and then to take our brokenness upon Himself and face God’s wrath in our stead, thereby satisfying God’s justice and perfect standards of righteousness.
  • Jesus took our sinfulness and punishment, and in return, offers us His righteousness as a free gift to all who call upon Him and rely on Him only as the means of salvation, so that when God looks upon us, instead of seeing our sin, He sees the righteousness of Jesus.
  • God asks us to talk to Him through prayer, and tells us that we and the events which we pray about will be changed as a result of that transaction.  This of course does not apply to the times when our prayers are out of alignment with who God is and what He desires to do.

In Defense

There is Truth out there (and right here), and it is what it is whether we want it to be that or not.  Since truth is not determined by our desires or opinions, it is unwise to pick and choose truths to fit our tastes, as though we were at a buffet.  You can try to ignore the truths you find to be inconvenient, but sooner or later, they will jump onto your plate.  I can want bacon to be good for me (and I do), and based solely on the truth that bacon tastes great, I can choose to subsist on a steady diet of bacon, but eventually, I will be confronted with the truth about cholesterol.

Based on this logic, I believe that my beliefs are not just my beliefs, but that they are Truth, else I would not subscribe to them.  This is not to say that I may not be incorrect about some of the more subtle nuances of those truths, or that I have learned all that there is to learn.  To the contrary, the more I learn, the more I realize I have to learn.

Isn’t it arrogant to say that your truth is the only truth?

I can understand why some people might think this, because it would be arrogance to claim that my beliefs were the only truths if I had invented or discovered them myself.  However, this is not the case.  The truths to which I hold were revealed to me and all of humanity through creation, through God’s written word (the Scriptures) and God’s Living Word (Jesus).

Moreover, as freeing as it might feel to convince ourselves that there is no universal truth (this statement is of course self-contradictory), it simply isn’t true.  Universal truths, like gravity, are true for all of us.  If there is a God, then God is one way and not another way.  He is not both the vindictive and petty god revealed in Greek mythology and the loving God revealed in the Bible (please read it – all of it – before you try to argue with this).

And so, whatever your beliefs, either they are true, and true for everyone, or they are not; we will like some truths, and some we will not.

If you do not subscribe to the truths I have written about on this page, then I hope you will honestly explore them, that you will not judge them by the people who twist and abuse them, and that you will eventually be led to see that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.